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I have decided that I want to keep track of my progress and struggles. I am hoping it will encourage me to keep going, and will be a way for me to monitor my progress. I have enjoyed and been inspired by other people's logs. So perhaps I can motivate somebody else in the process, although I am not sure that I can be as witty as some other logs I have read!

So, I started to use this app because I have been struggling to make consistent progress with my running. I have never actually followed a plan. So I thought that perhaps by doing so I might be able to reach the goals and feel less frustrated.

I completed my first run on May 17th. I did not struggle with the running which I was pleased with. I continued to walk after I was done the program until I had exercised for a total of 45 minutes. I did 5.16 kms in those 45 minutes. It was hot and humid and I felt drenched but good. More importantly I was able to use this app, play my music, and use Map my Run, all at the same time, without feeling like I wanted to throw my phone away. A technological achievement for me!!

On May 18 I planned on a rest day and just walking. I had to talk myself into going out because I had gone golfing in the morning and I was trying to convince myself that was "good enough". But, I talked myself in going out for a walk. I must have been feeling enthusiastic about using the app because I actually forgot it was a rest day, and I began using the program. I realized after a few jnervals but kept going. I completed 5.12 kms in 45 minutes, again walking after I finished the program. I was surprised I did not do a bit more as j ft I pushed myself a bit harder than the first time out. But I think I may have run a bit faster and it was harder to walk at a fast pace. Plus it was windy, and hot, and I had been very active since my last run.

Today was a true rest day. No exercise. I am excited to use the program tomorrow.

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I have run two times since I have updated. Last Wed I planned to do Week1 day 3, but I couldn't get the app to work. So, I just ran, for about 25 minutes.

On Friday I did week 2 day 1. After the workout with the app I continued with some running and walking, followed by brisk walking until I had completed 45 minutes. My total distance was 5.26 kms, so my pace was faster than the previous times I had used the app. I was wondering if I was going to be able to complete 5 kms in 40 minutes, but I was not able.

I was planning to run today, but I walked to and from the store and bought a new bike, and then I went for a bike ride with my girls. I still planned to go out for a run, but ran out of time. Tomorrow for sure! I am actually looking forward to it.

Thanks for the encouragement.

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Well, I got sidelined yesterday. Feeling unwell so took a sick day and slept most of the day. Must have been what I needed. Today I had to use the treadmill due to thunder showers. I had not been on that dreaded machine in quite a while. I really had no idea what speed to run at. I did my 90 second runs at 4.5 mph. Too slow as I discovered by the end of my workout, although I was sweating, I did not feel I had pushed myself enough by the end. Anyways, Week 2 day 2 is completed. Hopefully on Thursday I will be able to run outside, but if I have to use the big bad machine I will aim a little faster for the runs. feeling good and motivated.

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