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Weight Increase with Every Try

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Guest TrishE

Welcome prak2020,

The most important step is that first one. Download the c25K app and start running. This app will help get you in shape by slowly getting your body used to running. IF there is too much pain when you exercise then start off by walking. You just have to get up and moving. 

I wish you luck! 

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ABSOLUTELY what TrishE said and more. Motivation is the key. Dont allow food near you while you watch TV. Period. My hubby and I love drinks on the weekends , but we have limited ourselves to sitting on the patio with a few. Once we shower and watch movies, we dont have any. Is it easy??? Heck no, but it just goes to my butt. Lol. I am now eating only when im hungry and not becaue the clock says mealtimes. Yesterday we ate 3 meals, ugggh. I feel it today.


With having a family at home its harder to do that, but i niw eat mid morning, and about 3 pm. With a light snack in the evening.


We are all here to help you on your journey, and you have to want this. Walk if you have to, you are beating anyone sitting on the couch.


Do it!!! You will love it!!!

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