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Newbie who never thought she would run!


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Hi there


I hit my big 40 on Wednesday and want to tone up as 2 Pilates classes a week are sorting the muscles out but not the cuddly bits on top!  I have joined the gym and being a newbie wanted a workout to use on the treadmill as I was clueless how to use it, so searched Google Play and found the c25k free app.  I am into the second week with it and am really enjoying the workout.  I am a size 10 so don't need to lose loads of weight, but I have always got very breathless if I try to run any distance which then makes me feel really light headed.  I am prone to fainting so that is not a good way to be.  I never thought I would be able to run, but the pacing off the app enables me to run and not get the usual symptoms.


I don't know if I will progress to running outside but who knows by the end of the 8 week block :)



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