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Completed Week 1!! Woot woot!

John S

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Got my third run in today and found I was faster and I ran a little further than before.  I actually thought at the beginning that I was going to struggle so I'd almost defeated myself before I'd even laced up my trainers! What a tosser..  But I got into it and I'm well happy with my results.

I've never run before I started this due to the back problems (fused lumbar section of spine, 2 crushed vertebrae, nerve damage, sciatica etc) but I had a small procedure a while ago and now I feel like a new man!

So, I'm a nearly 38 year old, podgy desk jockey but today I ran/walked (as per the app) 2.7 miles in 30 minutes.  I also worked out by using Runtastic at the same time (plot the route, track time, speed and elevation) that my average speed during the jogging sections was 7.5mph.

So Tuesday is a rest day (probably sneak in some plyometrics and / or chasing the kids around all day) then on wednesday I go onto Week 2, Day 1 which is brisk 5 min walk to warm up then alternate 90 seconds of jogging and 2 mins of walking for 20 minutes then a cool down.


Although I've been following the app, the last two runs I've put some more running at the end, just because I've got about a third of a mile to go from my front door..


So I'm well and truly a novice beginner, but I'm loving it!

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Guest TrishE

Congrats John! Youre off to a great start :) Its a great feeling when you do something you know is so good for you and surprising yourself along the way. You are stronger than you believe you are and now you are beginning to see it. Keep it up!

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Got my run in  this morning. WK 2 day 3. Woke up with bad backache this morning and didn't want to run, but pushed myself. It was pretty tough all the way but managed to shave a few minutes off. Got it down to 30 mins and 35 seconds. It normally tells me to start the 5 mins cool down when I'm about 1/4 of a mile from home. I then walk and jog at 1 minute intervals till home and it normal finishes about a minute or so from home. This time I got home to my door the same time it finished. Happy with that!

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just a quick update... Today I completed w4 d2. Can't believe how fast the weeks are passing, but I'm loving it.

The app is set up perfectly got me, hard enough that I push myself but not too hard that I break myself doing it.

I finish each episode knackered but with just a little left in the tank (always got a little left) so I feel good, but I've also had to push myself and at times I've wanted to stop. This is a great exercise for learning mental endurance!

I've decided I'm going to pick up the pace a little now as when I get to 5k, I want too run it in 30mins.

Right now the app takes me over a 2.5 mile route for each 30min episode so I'm planning on extending it and getting the time down. Current projections for my current walk and jog would make 5k in 36 mins, so I'm setting myself 3 targets.

1) complete the app

2) extend it to 5k (3.1miles)

3) shave off 7 minutes...


This app, and fellow runners have taught me that I CAN do this, and I can have the ability to do this.

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Completed Wk6 Day 3 today.  Very hard work and I'm starting to learn about my running and my running style now.  

Todays run was meant to be the 5 min walk, 2 1/4 miles or 22 minutes then 5 minute walk to call down.


I averaged around 11min's / Mile.  When the app told me I had completed the 22 minutes (which was also the 2 mile mark) I decided to push on.  Don't know why I don't stick to the app and why I push myself a little more each time, but I do.

So from that I continued to run the next 5 minutes then took a 90 second walk then I continued the route (around the lake) and back home.  Totalling 4.16 miles in 45.54


I'm very happy with this performance, but I think I must JUST RUN THE APP and maybe concentrate on pushing it a little faster.  I'm certainly not built for distance, in fact I don't think I'm built for running (short, stocky, strong with long arms.  I'm a gorilla) but I am really enjoying this, although not during it!

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Thank you KellyAnn.


I'm on week 7 and did day 2 today. Completed the 2.5miles in the 25minutes but it wasn't easy and I was pushing myself. My biggest problem with all this is Mr Negative sitting on my shoulder whispering to me that I can't do it, it's too difficult and that I should just wrote and that would be ok if I did..


But I just try to starve him by trying to think positive until he goes away. It isn't easy though...

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