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Guest TrishE

Stretching and yoga on off days to keep those leg muscles loose :) Im also a huge fan of advil and icy hot when the natural remedies dont quite cut it. 

Speed is always tough to gauge when youre first starting. A good rule of thumb is you should be running slow enough that youd be able to have a conversation with someone without huffing and puffing. 

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Hi Nikkia.


If you do back to back joggin/running, you will be sore. When we work out we tear muscle fibers and that is why we are sore. They heal and that is what makes us stronger. When I do T25 DVDs , man , by the 3rd day , can barely walk, he uses the calf muscles a lot. But it gets better.


Make sure you stretch properly after your workouts and again if you feel it later. Just make sure you Never Ever , stretch a cold muscle. You will pop a muscle and be out for weeks. Not cool. When I taught 10 classes or more, it sucks to be down with a popped muscle.


Welcome here and proud of you. Everyone helps here and it is so nice. Good luck.

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