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Question about stretching


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Hi everyone,


I injured myself yesterday from what I believe was inadequate stretching. So I'm curious about the whole topic of dynamic stretching before a run vs. normal stretching. I know normal stretching before is bad, but does that mean any stretching with cold muscles is bad? For example, just stretching without working out before or after? I'm just a little confused on the whole subject. If you want to stretch to increase flexibility do you need to warm up first?

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I can't answer your question but I can address the stretching a bit....


We avoid full stretching because it increases our range of motion to our physical limit. If you then go and do something physical, you can more easily push yourself beyond your physical limits and sustain significant injuries. Stretch those puppies out afterwards."Dynamic stretching" is a totally different beast. You can google that. Stuff like "Running, Dynamic Warmup" and get some stuff.


Because I'm only doing <=5k at this point, many say walking is a suitable warmup. This is what I actually do and it may be totally wrong but my physical therapist says it's acceptable.

10 Forward leg swings

10 Sideways leg swings

10 Fence Steppers ( http://nerdfitness.wistia.com/medias/9shgs4y2zb )

10 Walking Lunges

5 Minute warm up walk.

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