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Left Knee Pain

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Just finished week1. Since I started I had some pain in my ankles which are weak to begin with, just got awesome new sneakers so the pain went away. I am having some pain in my left knee. I've notice I have been leaning more to the left when I run. Any tips? Should I wrap it before my workouts? 

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Congrats on finishing week 1 and on getting better shoes :) What kind of pain are you feeling in your knee? Is it sharp or dull? Throbbing? Does it only hurt when you run or do certain things, or is it constant? You might want to check with your doc or a physical therapist just to be sure. You might also look into getting your gait analyzed by a running shoe store, if you have such a specialty store in your area and see what they say/recommend. I've had knee problems in the past. Sometimes just resting for a day and maybe icing that area can help alleviate the pain. Other times, for me, I've had to do some extra strength training focusing on the muscles surrounding my knees. 

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