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Hey guys! :)


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Up from today I'm part of the community! :) I'm Christina, a 19 year old student from Germany. My goal is to get rid of my extra weight and also to do something for my inner wellbeing (which is a big advantage of running and every other kind of sports!)

So today I started my journey which will hopefully lead to a 10km run soon. I accomplished w1d1 today and I feel great and very motivated after finally doing something for my health again. Since I graduate this spring I invest a lot of time into studying and need some activity to stay balanced. To be honest I can't image running more than like 2 minutes at once haha, but I hope I will surprise myself during the next weeks.

I'm excited to listen to the stories and successful steps of everybody on here and to find some motivation to save me from giving up!

Have a nice day everybody :-)

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Welcome! Its awesome that you want to keep yourself balanced. Diet and exercise certainly help with that! Please keep us posted on your journey! we are here for help and encouragement if need be. 

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