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can run 5k..where to start?

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Hi..I have already got myself up to 5km but want to do a10k run in March and don't know how to get the km up... I got the zenlab 10k on my phone and think I should start at week 9..is that about right..also it take s me 35 minutes too run 5k and week 9 seems to run for 30 so I won't be able to run the 5k or further distance...how do I use this app to help me improve?...I haven't got much of an idea where to start..thank you for your help:)


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hmmm...tough one...maybe skip ahead a little farther until it has you running longer than 35 minutes and stay on the week until your running the longer times more comfortably...Because the program is made to help build endurance and goes by time rather than distance but I can see the desire to want to increase your distance because of your upcoming 10k. Sorry i wish I was more help :(

good luck!!

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