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"I've fallen and got up"

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Never ever ever ran in my life, but, when a friend completed a 1/2 I was a bit challenged to give it a try.  So far, I've completed C25k, C210k and was on way to training for a 1/2.  Unfortunately, I took a spill just walking down an uneven driveway in the dark and badly sprained my ankle (#2 grade sprain).  I wish there was a dramatic story, but, just walking (sigh).


Not only has this effected me physically, but, mentally I feel defeated.  I'm 2 weeks post injury and I'm healing, however, how do I even manage to get back on track???  I was up to 8.4 miles and feeling strong.  


I would be very interested in comments from folks - how do you recover lost ground? (no pun intended, LOL)  - does this throw you out of the game due to recovery and healing time??  




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Oh Toonap!  That sucks, and if you ask me, that is pretty danged dramatic, especially after completing a C25K, a C210K and then right into training for your 1/2 - you were focused; going strong, and then BAM! I'm not surprised you feel mentally and emotionally disheartened right now.  :(


Hang in there!  Please keep coming back for encouragement and support - I've read about many folks, here, who have suffered a significant injury, healed and got right back out there again.  With the success you have experienced thus far under your belt, I can imagine you will be out there training again too - you have already proven to yourself what you are capable of accomplishing, and will do once again when completely healed.  Today you have the opportunity to place that same determination to succeed into healing your ankle - a different kind of success. <3


In regards to injuries, other's will respond who more experienced than I am. I will say this though, I appreciate your strong will and determination to succeed!  You jumped from C25K, to C210K and then a 1/2 ... CONGRATULATIONS!!!  I want to be just like you when I grow up! No lie! LOL I can't wait to catch up to what you (and others) have already achieved!  CHEERS!

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Hello there! I am sorry to hear about your ankle, truly. It does not have to be a dramatic event to make the injury traumatic to our mental state when it comes to being active.


Last time I had an injury it was a relapse of my dislocated knee, which has about the same recovery time as a badly sprained ankle. I would recommend listening to your body, as cliché as it may sound. You will lose some progres, but not as much as you are fearing. Once you are healed, start with some stretches for your calves specifically to get the blood moving again, then go for a light jog for as long as your ankle is ok. Once you feel even the slightest discomfort, stop jogging and walk. Do not stop moving suddenly and all together unless you really have to. Try to keep it moving. Then start the app back up where you left off, repeating the day until you are back to where you were. Good luck! Let us know how you aredoing!

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Hey Toonap, you're welcome, and awwwwww!!! I felt so badly for you! You are missing your runs!!!! :(  I love that quote too.  However, remind yourself that the worst run ever could also be getting back out there too soon, which means you possibly risk further injury, and more missed days of running.  Hang in there and as Nadara shared, listen to your body. <3

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