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  1. I purchased and started the 26.2 Zenlabs app about 13 weeks ago. It's riddled with bugs as it doesn't log the miles, calories or syncs correctly to cue you. But, I use it in conjunction with some free apps to supplement. My question......is there anyway to print out the schedule? I have to redo a day and thought I should redo the days building up to the long run. Or should I just continue? I can't do another long run right after a long run I would assume....so if I had the schedule to print out I could easily see what the days preceeding looked like without having to open the app and go through each day. Thanks for any input.
  2. Hi, Use the app as a guide and personalize to your own schedule and health. My work schedule dictates a bit along with travel, etc..... I do not run more than every other day and due to my schedule skip on Fridays to run on Saturdays. As you mention.....the longer runs in there become a 'time' issue for me. My week consistently is: M, Wed, Sat - Run with the app. T, Thur, Fri, = cross train....a walk, yoga, weight training, swimming, etc... and then one full day of rest...usually Sunday, but, I do some yoga that day as well. Personalize the app to your schedule, but, you can't go wrong with recovery days. On a day where a long run was dictated....I couldn't finish and had a "do-over" ....so many elements go into a good run and a bad run, LOL.....I've been doing this for awhile now and I'm finding food, hydration, etc... are all become significant to the process. Good luck and know it's your timetable and schedule!
  3. Shannon I think the quote at the end of your comment says it all.......thanks for the input
  4. Greetings! Never ever ever ran in my life, but, when a friend completed a 1/2 I was a bit challenged to give it a try. So far, I've completed C25k, C210k and was on way to training for a 1/2. Unfortunately, I took a spill just walking down an uneven driveway in the dark and badly sprained my ankle (#2 grade sprain). I wish there was a dramatic story, but, just walking (sigh). Not only has this effected me physically, but, mentally I feel defeated. I'm 2 weeks post injury and I'm healing, however, how do I even manage to get back on track??? I was up to 8.4 miles and feeling strong. I would be very interested in comments from folks - how do you recover lost ground? (no pun intended, LOL) - does this throw you out of the game due to recovery and healing time?? Thanks!
  5. Looking forward to the new topics/blog zenlabs! Thanks!
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