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  1. I purchased and started the 26.2 Zenlabs app about 13 weeks ago. It's riddled with bugs as it doesn't log the miles, calories or syncs correctly to cue you. But, I use it in conjunction with some free apps to supplement. My question......is there anyway to print out the schedule? I have to redo a day and thought I should redo the days building up to the long run. Or should I just continue? I can't do another long run right after a long run I would assume....so if I had the schedule to print out I could easily see what the days preceeding looked like without having to open the app an
  2. Hi, Use the app as a guide and personalize to your own schedule and health. My work schedule dictates a bit along with travel, etc..... I do not run more than every other day and due to my schedule skip on Fridays to run on Saturdays. As you mention.....the longer runs in there become a 'time' issue for me. My week consistently is: M, Wed, Sat - Run with the app. T, Thur, Fri, = cross train....a walk, yoga, weight training, swimming, etc... and then one full day of rest...usually Sunday, but, I do some yoga that day as well. Personalize the app to your schedule, but, you can't go
  3. Shannon I think the quote at the end of your comment says it all.......thanks for the input
  4. Greetings! Never ever ever ran in my life, but, when a friend completed a 1/2 I was a bit challenged to give it a try. So far, I've completed C25k, C210k and was on way to training for a 1/2. Unfortunately, I took a spill just walking down an uneven driveway in the dark and badly sprained my ankle (#2 grade sprain). I wish there was a dramatic story, but, just walking (sigh). Not only has this effected me physically, but, mentally I feel defeated. I'm 2 weeks post injury and I'm healing, however, how do I even manage to get back on track??? I was up to 8.4 miles and feeling strong.
  5. Looking forward to the new topics/blog zenlabs! Thanks!
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