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Knee and heel pain


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This is a funny one my heel hurts walking barefoot and my knee has a dull pain, After I lace up the heel still hurts but after a couple of metres the pain subsides.The Knee still has the dull pain but it works itself out and the pain goes however when I stop the pain returns is it just muscle fatigue ?.


Also how does one run downhill that's when I find I'm really straining my knees doesn't hurt but I can feel the muscle tightening with each step. I try to run on the flat of my feet I have severe under pronation. My runners is suppose to fix my pronation which I think it does since I hardly get shin splits now.

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When you are stationary you aren't getting as much blood flow. Increaesd circulation not only brings nutrients and oxygen to any injured area, but also helps lubricates the area (which helps with stiffness and pain). The pain at the bottom of your heel sounds like it could be plantar fasciitis. For this I recommend resting it on a cold compress, especially after being active on it. The same goes for the knee. I work as a treatment advisor for soft tissue injuries and plantar fasciitis and meniscus tears are the most common ailments we hear of. I've included some information about the treatment I highly recommend, the BFST wrap. I get to hear of the success daily. Let me know if you have any questions :)



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