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I finished Week 2, Day 1, and my results didn't get sent to Facebook and MyFitnessPal even though I'm pretty sure I clicked them.  Is there a way to resend my results from today's walk/jog?  I like the way it splits it up on MFP so I can the difference between my walking pace and running pace.  Thanks!

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I hit mfp for syncing amd get a blank page. Doesn't send. Any suggestions

This happens to me to. Actually, it happens when I try to connect ANY app to mfp. It shows that it's connecting to mfp, then loads a blank white screen w/ mfp on the top... and nothing. Even waiting and waiting for something to load - nothing happens. :/

@Amethyst, what phone are you on? I'm using the Samsung 5S, I wonder if that has anything to do with it?


With other apps (such as endomondo) I have to go to endomondo.com on my desktop and then connect to mfp from there. And then it opens a popup for mfp and I can authorize the connecting of accounts. 

Does Zenlabs have an online account similar to that, where I can log in to a website that tracks my runs & then connect it to mfp through the web??



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Hi Sillyna,


No?0, I think iPhones do that too. I don't know why it does that but when I go to check my MFP, my run is there. Definitely check with ZenLabs on that one.


Also, no on a website for ZenLabs that has your Dashboard but that is one heck of a great idea. Email them. I relay like that.


Thanks for posting.

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