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finished my first day!!!:)

Guest WarriorQueen

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Guest WarriorQueen

Aloha everyone happy new year!!

I am a 41 yr old female taking back her life ! I have never ran and have dreaded it . Today I am bringing back 1992 me ! I made it thru day 1 and still need to do some circuit training . Goal is 33 lbs by June fingers crossed ! Any tips on anything will help. First off what is a good fuel breakfast and do I eat before or after run ?




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Hi there and Aloha,


Do you live in Hawaii??, my fiends met me in Vegas for New Years and they live in Kauai. I love it there. Beautiful.


It depends on now early you run, if you go early, then a small protein is good. I eat a boiled egg and a piece of toast, or half of a protein bar, I don't eat a lot. Then after my run, I love a protein shake or eggs and grapefruit. You can do this. I'm on the same journey as there are many more people on here too. We all cheer each other on.


Good luck. Check back with us. Good luck.

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Congratulations Warrior Queen!!!  Keep it up!! With you from afar, yet near in heart and soul! <3


After reading your question, "what is a good fuel breakfast" I typed that exact question online. There are so many ideas/tips/suggestions!  Check it out!  

I enjoy working out in the morning. Generally, upon rising I drink 16oz of water, (hot coffee too ... haven't given up my one cup a day ...yet) and a small protein and carb serving.  Usually, oatmeal or yogurt and hard boiled egg or protein shake.  That said, I haven't started on a nutrition regimen yet. I will.  Currently, I am focused on beginning the C25k and then will add my nutrition goals. I have a tendency to go over board with goals, so I am starting slowly and ramping up and/or adding new goals as I achieve current.

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