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Redefining Women-Exercise Crazed to be Sexy-LET GO!  This is what my morning run is about. Don't get me wrong, I honestly want to FEEL sexy but as I go for my morning runs, I recognize how many women are in the gym begging, pleading, working out to exhaustion to melt the fat away. Meanwhile most of our men are weight lifting to build muscle.  What is going on? As I recognize that I love to look good and want to be able to have my bridge yoga stance in my white fringed bikini on the Tiki Island-at 43 this should not be my focus. Any day I can fall over-really. My goal is to be healthy and not allow TV, Blogs, Magazines, The Kardashians or the Beyonce's of the world to tell me what is the new normal. I won't. I run because I love the meditation and the challenge of being able to run a 5K. I run because it keeps my energy up throughout the day. I run because, yes. I would like to fit into my clothes and go down a size or two BUT not to be sexy. I don't emanate sex-I emanate health and consciousness and everything else I leave up to the beholder. If it's sexy they see then GREAT if not then that's fine to because I feel GREAT! So for me it's time to make sure I keep my femininity in who and what I am-a COMPLETE and CONSCIOUS woman and let go all of the stereotypes.

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Very well said!!! Also, if you feel confident and good about yourself, you will naturally feel sexy. I find that the more in shape I get, the better I feel about myself and catch myself staring at my better looking body in the mirror! :)

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