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Found 4 results

  1. I am training for my first 5k in the fall. It is actually a 6k called the Heroes in Recovery 6k supporting those who are recovering from addiction. I have taken many bold steps to get healthy in the last year and a half including getting/staying clean from heroin and losing nearly 80 lbs. Doing any kind of running was always scary for me, but using the c25k app has made it fun and I look forward to where this leads me in my health journey.
  2. Heyo! I'm Zach and 15. I had heard that getting into better shape and, especially running, can help alleviate dysphoria. I thought this app would be perfect to try to help out with dysphoria, with the added bonus of maybe losing some weight too.
  3. Hello People, I am jorge and as they say I am a fitness freak. I love gyming and workout. I do follow the various latest trends in the bodybuilding field and always eager to explore the field to the fullest. I am here to explore my knowledge about the same and to know the field better.
  4. Hi! I'm col3bri. I technically started the C25k program last year, I even made it all the way through the program once and ran my first 5k race in January. It was quite a feat for me as when I started the program I was at 260 pounds and didn't believe I would be able to run 30 seconds let alone 3 miles. After January I took a break as there was so much snow on the ground and just so cold (record breaking cold) that I didn't really want to be outside. However my roommate and I started again and decided this time we were going to try the C210k program. We had been doing pretty good and got
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