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  1. Early on recovery is so important. Really struggled at first going every other day. Then started resting two days for the next month and really started improving.
  2. In my late 30s and realized how bad of shape I had become. October of 2014 I purchased c25k. Had a few stops and starts along the way. Finally really started working at it hard this February. Well I have lost 40lbs. Did change my diet also. Ran my first 5k this Sunday and just totally shocked myself with a 26 min time. Already signed up for a 10k. If a former couch potato like myself can do it. So can you!!
  3. I had to repeat week 1. After that I never had to repeat. At week 7 now. First few weeks I dreaded my runs. Now I look forward to it. Might not get easier but gets better
  4. Been at this for almost 2 months. Today was the first time I measured distance and my pace was way slower then I thought. Would like to be at 6mph. Right now my only exercise is the 3 days of weeks of jogging. Should I start incorporating some strength training. What are some good strength building activities that doesn't require the use of a gym. Should these exercises be done on the day I run or in between running days. Trying to lose weight as well as increase my time and distance.
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