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  1. Hi Alli, Compression garments work wonders. I have one that is similar to a bathing suit that I wear under my clothes. They are generally used for surgical recovery (c section, tummy tuck) so if you search for that you should find some on Amazon. Nice thing is you can still wear clothing over top and no one knows you have it on!
  2. It's surprising how fast your body will adapt, but be honest with yourself on your goals. Nothing worse than setting yourself up for failure. Honestly, I needed to do week 1 about three times before I could move on. Try a goal where you do week 1 and just do the 3rd, 5th, and 8th run. Then the next week try every other run. Perhaps by week 3 you can do them all, but maybe only 6 of 8? Just make a plan and stick to it and trust that your body is made to run. Remember, you can always run longer if it feels right. I suggest the book The Courage to Start by John Bingham. You C
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