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  1. Ive jusr completed week 2 again . I have never ran before. Ive found im much stronger and im proud of my achievement. It dosent matter how long it takes me. I am determined to do this. I also do kettlebells at home. Xxx
  2. Wow thats absolutely amazing. Inspired me so much. Thanks everyone x
  3. Hello everybody. Im just enquiring about ppls weight loss results. Have ppl seen a difference with them starting running. Regards Ruth.
  4. Hi. I started last week. And ive never ran before. I feel proud Ive continued with it. It does get easier. Ruth
  5. Thankyou so much for your advice. .. Means alot Xx
  6. Hiya. Just wondered what other apps do ypu have to see your results. Ruth x
  7. it hurt. Everything hurts, but I did it with my 7 year old running along side me. I have a long way to go, but this is something I will succeed at...
  8. Ruth

    Hello im new.

    Thankyou so much. Means alot xx
  9. Thankyou. Today is a kettlebell day. Then ill start day two tomorrow. I never ever want a nurse to tell me im morbidity obese again. Lol.. Ruth x
  10. Hello all. Well just wanted to say hi. Ruth here. Started my own personal journey today. Completed my first day..... im excited to be a member. Much love.
  11. Ruth

    Hello im new.

    Hello everyone. .. Well im totally new to running and completed my first day.... im excited about the progress ill make. ... even tho it will be a difficult personal journey. Ruth xx
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