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  1. I’ve always been told weight training is good on non running days
  2. So frustrated today because my run was awful! I usually do my run after work about 5pm. This morning, being a Saturday, I decided to do it around 8am. Figured maybe I’d be refreshed and ready for a good run but it was like pulling teeth. I really struggled.
  3. Spoulter22

    Treadmill Running

    I’m on my second week and strictly treadmill running until I can build muscle and endurance to run outside. I started first week walking at 2.6 and jogging at 3.5. I just finished my second day of the second week and walked at 2.8 and jogged at 3.8. I figure I don’t want to kill myself or get frustrated and give up so it’s working for me
  4. Spoulter22

    Newbie runner

    Halfway through my second week of C25K and surprisingly still motivated. Actually really enjoying it. Running on a treadmill jamming to music really helps relieve the stress of the day.