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  1. In between the sets of push-ups what position do I need to take? My chest resting on the floor or upright position ready to do push-ups for next set? I’m confused and need help knowing what is best position. thanks for your prompt reply Richard
  2. I start the Zen Lab app in the morning. It’s going to be tough. I’ve lost 47 pounds but still at 243
  3. Zen labs app for C25k is really good. I just finished week 4. It was tough but I did it with no stops!! Tomorrow I’m starting zen labs 100 push-ups. I hope it goes ok I just can barely do one push-up!!!
  4. I hope to get through the first week and run the assigned goals for the first three days. I will not proceed until I can jog the time limit.
  5. I looked and found 100 push-ups app challenge in 10 weeks. Cool.
  6. What is the name of the push-ups app??
  7. Hi, my name is Richard 54 years of age and I’m new here. I had a another app that was very misleading on my timeline on Facebook. It said I had run 30 minutes. What the “share” with Facebook failed to say is that was the total of of minutes in a week. hope this app is better...at any rate I am on a weight loss journey and want to incorporate c25k as a goal. I weigh a whopping 258 lbs. I started at a starting weight of 292. I took a picture today. It feels great to fit into my slacks again and I feel great. The picture was not very flattering though lol! I’m going to start W1 D1 Bright and early in the morning. There is not a lot of people at the park at 6:30 in the morning to see this fat man jogging. I’m very determined and focused to get fit. I could use a lot of encouragement. I’m not going to be running but restarting on day one at a snails pace jogging. Thanks. Looking forward to sharing my journey with others. Richard Hicks
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