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  1. You are correct! On the treadmill I have to turn it over so I can't see how much longer. Watch the TV iPad or even my feet and get through it...
  2. My left calve is the same way. Pretty sure there's no way I could run two days in a row. I've been running every other but the day after, I just tell myself no pain no gain... Best of luck!
  3. So it was my third attempt to start and finish C25K. With the mild winter in Iowa I wasn't working as much as normal so I attempted C5K in my basement on our treadmill. We got some decent weather and I moved outside to do the final workout and absolutely died. Not sure if it was my pace isn't regulated or what but I didn't last TEN MINUTES. I tried again another day and it just turned into a run walk run... I finished last night back inside 30 minutes on the treadmill. What should I do now? Now that it's decent weather should I just head back to the nature trail (my two labs love to go!) and
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