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  1. Hey! I am afraid I don't have much to offer regarding the cramping - other than making sure that you are well hydrated and perhaps, eat a few bananas. But I really wanted to congratulate you on getting started. You'll be doing a 5K with your boy in no time!
  2. Hey Marianna, did you do it? Did you continue?
  3. Don't be hard on yourself... Congrats on taking this step! That's a fantastic goal, to set a grand example for your kids!
  4. Hey Kate, Seems very quiet on these forums. Lots of people looking, but not so many saying hi. So I thought I would say hi! I am just on Week 2 day 2 tomorrow, and gunning for a Park run in September.
  5. I believe it is recommended to take a rest day between running. You could do some other form of exercise, maybe cycling or swimming, but don't overdo it. Running is very hard on your body, and if you take it too fast you may end up injured.
  6. Hello Adriane, I am on Week 2 day 2 (tomorrow!). Just shy of 49 myself, and determined to join a Parkrun in September. Not looking to lose much weight, but wouldn't mind a bit more muscle and less jiggle!
  7. Hello! I am completely new here myself, and just starting out on this journey. I do hope that you have had a chat with your doctor about jogging? It's always best to get the 'all clear' before you start any physically challenging sport. If you have done that, congratulations!! Don't be horrified, be proud. You have made a decision for your health, and you are on your way. Take it easy, be kind to yourself and listen to your body. Let us know how you are doing... We can encourage each other!
  8. Hi! I am working towards a Parkrun in September, so long as I can keep up with the program. I am only on week 2 though, so we shall see. Good luck with your training.
  9. I upgraded the app to be able to read distance. I am running Endomondo at the same time and noticed that C25K is measuring a full Km less than Endomondo. Does this app only log distance for the actual workout portion -not including warm up and cool down- or is this just a glitch?
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