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  1. Hello! This will be the second time I have attempted c25k, First time i got through about 9 days about 2 years ago and could feel my strength building. Not quite sure why I stopped - probably work and life just getting in the way. But knowing that the trousers that were once loose are starting to cut me in half I know I am at probably my biggest ever and know it's time to change. Time to get fitter, slimmer and make a life change so I keep it going. I actually have some problems with cramp in my calfs - constant battle when walking or running so ended up skipping the 5th minute of run today but did run the 6th 7th and 8th so glad I kept going. How do people tend to do the program at the start? run day, rest day, run day, rest day etc or can you go all out and try for run days every day...? Just want to say good luck to everyone going through the same thing as me - 1 day in and I hope to keep updating on here to help me keep focus. Feel free to message me and give me your daily successes and failures, happy to receive and give support! Kate
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