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I have always been slightly above average when it comes to my weight - though today I am definitely the biggest and probably un-fittest I have ever been. Last year I fit into a size 12 pair of shorts when I went on holiday to Brazil! I tried them on recently and have 6 inches to lose before I can even try to squeeze them closed; I seriously cannot believe how much weight has gone on. Largely manual job to office job transition I think cause i'm not a massive binger. 

Today is the day I choose to turn it around I want to better myself, get fit and healthy and stay fit and healthy! 

Big challenge - there's a lot against me - little support network, new town, new job, family are a good hour away, my boyfriend of 5 years has given up on me? I'm a secret smoker which I started again 6 months ago - one in the morning one in the evening sorta thing.. after being 4 years clear. I suffer with super low self esteem and anxiety issues making running, in public a slight nightmare! 

I'm sure it won't be plain sailing, or free from some failure - but I'm gonna give it a go! Wish me luck and I will warmly welcome any support! 


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