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  1. OK. On Monday I've started week 6. I want to complete the 14 weeks then use my TomTom Runner to continue my workouts. My DESIRE (HOPE) is to lose my belly and avoid the "junk in the trunk". I'd like to be fitter for Christmas so I can wear something I've bought long time ago.
  2. Hello everybody. After I lost my job last August, I've gived up in everything. Then, 6 weeks ago, I started to follow again the 10K trainer. Today, it's the 2nd day of week 6 I'm working out. I've started at 118kg, today my weight is 115,4kg. My intention is to finish the 10K and then run 3 times a week (6,8,10 km). I'm trying to do my best. But sometimes it's hard. I wake up at 5.50 in the morning and do my workout. I hope to start losing my belly (I don't care about the weight) and to start enjoing other exercises (pushups etc). That's all!
  3. I'm Piero, from Italy. I'm an old user of 10K trainer. Hello!
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