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  1. Don't let the diabetes control yourself...try to educate yourself and make an effort to start what you want to do.... take a break or rest when you need it and keep going!!
  2. Beautiful words!! Keep going...you can do it!!
  3. Don't tell to nobody that you're working out to not feel that pressure....let the people see but themselves your progress. .... You could start walking and then run little by little.... yo can do 10 minutes and them tomorrow 15...let your body acostum to the exercise. ...and you will feel great..... Listen what your mind and body want....and are supplements too over the counter that help with the knee pain..a little expensive but works...that it's what I'm taking for my knee pain!! Good luck and I hope that you can get the motivation that you need for start
  4. the most difficult it's start and you did it...keep going and don't let to anybody to bring you down.... And congratulations for your 30 pound lost that it's a lot! If you did that you can do more!!
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