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  1. I walked for 5 minutes! My neighbors dog wouldn't shut up, my knees hurt, and I realized my neighborhood is poorly lit! Cheers to tomorrow!
  2. Hang in there girl! I'm going to try my first run tomorrow. Tried this evening, but I wasn't wearing headphones, my neighbors dog was loud and our neighborhood is poorly lit. Here's to another day!
  3. Kudos to you for all that shoveling and mowing! That sounds pretty fricken good for 63! My son and husband use a bar called "the perfect pull-up" and practice on it daily. It hangs in a doorway and supports them both very well. 145-195 lbs. maybe give that a whirl? Good luck! Just keep trying to build that upper body strength.
  4. I'm scared to death of running. I've reached a point with my weight I've never experienced. We lost a baby at 5 months pregnant 3 years ago and I think I have let the weight hang around because I don't know how to let go. It's taking its toll on my knees and I'm scared to start running out of fear my knees will start hurting and discourage me. I am so upset and frustrated with clothes and upcoming "bathing suit season"... it's frustrating to clothe a large body that seems foreign... so here I am... I have to do something. My goal right now is to feel like I can move withou
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