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  1. I went to a running store to get fitted and so glad I did. Between over pronation and flat feet, I had to get the right shoe. For me it was Saucony guide 10. My feet have never been better. My knees are sore on week 3 but I think that's more grin weakness than shoes. Getting stronger. Good luck on tut training.
  2. I'm a 56 yr old woman newly off the couch. Just finished week 3 day one and my knees are so sore. Before bed, take an advil and see if they feel better in the morning. Also do daily brief warmups then stretches. Find exercises to strengthen the knees. All this is helping me. Update: Week 3 day 2 and I could not walk without pain. Advil didn't help. I was fitted at a running store for shoes. I used my essential oils and got immediate relief. I just need to use them regularly.
  3. Congratulations! My goal is to run the whole thing. After my first total run 5k I will work on speed.
  4. I just did week 3 day 1 last night. I pushed through and was surprised I did it. I do go slow. My first goal is to run the entire 5k. Next I will work on speed. I'm 56 and literally just got off the couch.
  5. I'm a 56 yr old woman with sore knees. A group from church is doing c25k and ee are on week 3. As I stated in my title, I literally got off the couch to start this. We do exercises to strengthen our legs which I need. My goal is to RUN a 5k on May 20th. I won't be the fastest but intend to run the whole thing. My knees are sore and I'm using rubs to help them feel better. This is the first time they are sore while walking. 30 years ago I was in the Marine Corps and haven't run since getting out. I refuse to give up. I'm getting stronger every week and that's what counts. We CAN all do this. Just be patient.
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