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    maryjane got a reaction from Aquamarine in Starting off   
    stretch before and after to reduce injury risk
    re food...when you first start its not such a big change but as it gets harder a good basic diet to look at is carbs before exercise to assist with energy and protein after to assist with recovery
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    maryjane reacted to torus_ot in Feel like I have failed already....   
    It will be failing when you stop trying!
    It is OK not to able to run whole thing trough - keep walking the rest of the exercise.
    Repeating days or weeks is something that lot of us here  did.
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    maryjane reacted to Swathi in Getting started again   
    Starting all over again.. all the best! Alternate your runs with stretching/weights and don't forget to have rest days..
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    maryjane reacted to torus_ot in Getting started again   
    Run every other day, three times per week. Use the rest of the week for strength and core exercises, stretching and simply walking.
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    maryjane reacted to HeatherF in Getting started again   
    Hi there!
    Welcome back! I am doing this for the first time. Do I run every day or every other?
    The app says week 1 day 2. I ran yesterday. Helllp!! Lol
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