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  1. I have completed week 2. I'm in shock 2 weeks ago I was struggling with the walk never mind a 90 second run. And unbelievably my enjoyment is increasing!
  2. It's been tough tonight. But the challenge is I will loose 4 stone. I will get fit and I will be able to keep up with my grandkids. And I'm actually enjoying it
  3. Ps well done getting started that's the hardest part
  4. How did your first one go? Into my second week. It's tough but still enjoying it. I try to go Monday Tuesday Friday and Saturday. How often are you hoping to get out? I have also managed to loose 5lb since I started so that gives me more motivation
  5. Will be completing first week on Friday can't believe how much I'm enjoying it. Been out 4 evenings so far.Even though it's tough and everything aches.I'm so unfit it's actually a crime. Tonight after work enjoyed the most so far. I'm not to running yet....will ├žall it a slight jog! Running in the rain felt amazing
  6. I'm new too. But has to start somewhere and can't believe I'm actually enjoying it!! Can't breath legs hurt but I'm motivated and determined. I will be able to run for that business
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