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  1. Well, I thought I would repeat week 4, but I woke up this morning feeling really good and liked the look of Week 5 Day 1 instead. Tacked on an extra 5 minutes until I had completed 3 miles. That's the first time in a while that I've gone that distance, so I'm feeling really good about today. Also, my 7 yr old daughter has been saying she wants to start running with me, so once it warms up a bit, we're going to start "training" with run/walks outside (in addition to my own runs). Our goal is to do a Mother's Day 5k in May with my mom. I knew I was doing this in part to set a good example, but I'm beyond excited that she is wanting to actually participate now! Extra motivation for me to stick to my goals!

  2. Completed Week 4 today. I missed a day yesterday, having been hit by a nasty 24 hr stomach bug, so day 3 today was brutal! Slowed my pace a bit and needed a break in the 5 min run, but I still managed to do 2.5 mi. Think I'm going to repeat week 4 next week, day 3 at the very least, but these were great intervals for me and I'd like to pick up my pace on them a bit before I move on.

  3. Red, I'm a mom to a 6yo and a 3yo. My sis in law and I are "tough buddies" to each other...sending a text to the other when we would rather lie on the couch at night than get in a workout, knowing the other will reply to get up right now and get on the treadmill, just do 5 min, you will feel better...usually ends up with then doing a full workout once we get going. I totally understand what you are looking for, and would be happy to be accountability buddies with you too.

  4. Don't know that I can help much, as I'm the complete opposite; aches and pains running on concrete, but fine on tm.. One thing I do know is that my ankles, knees, hips, etc. all feel really stiff and achy on the tm if I don't stretch well beforehand. Two schools of thought on stretching before a workout, not sure which you subscribe to, but it definitely makes a huge difference for me. Hope you find a solution!

  5. I really like the idea of keeping a personal record of my journey...a way to keep track of little milestones other than the runs on the app.

    I'm a 38yo mom of 2. I completed a 10k years before I had kids, and I'd love to be able to complete that goal again.


    I am currently only running on a treadmill because a) I can do it while my young kids watch a show B) I hate running in cold weather and

    c) I get terrible shin splints when I run too much outside

    I do like being able to keep track of my speed on the treadmill and pushing for a faster pace


    I just completed Wk3 day1 this morning. I walk at speed 4 and run at speed 6.2 (hoping to increase that next time). I hated walking for 3 min once I found my rhythm, so I broke those intervals up into walk a min, run a min, walk a min. Much better!

  6. I've been a runner off and on for years, and started using this app in Sept as a way to ease in without overdoing it and getting shin splints. I lost interest during week 3 then...determined to see this through this time, and hoping joining the forum will keep me motivated! Up to wk3day1 as of today. Already increasing my pace!

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