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  1. Back on track! Had to stop running for three weeks. RUNNERS KNEES in both legs! Uuugh Very painful. It took two weeks of wrapping, knee exercises, and meds to get thru it. Then I took one more week as added precaution. Started back today with W3D1! New shoes. Wrapped knees. All went well today. Fingers crossed I can continue.
  2. Good luck today! So far I have only had to use the treadmill once on this program when Tropical Storm Colin came thru last week. This was also my first time running on the treadmill. Previously I had only done speed walks at steep inclines on it. I did not like running on the treadmill however it's great to have it as a backup when the trail is not available. I did W2D1 yesterday ... It was a little harder but it felt good when completed. Push thru your first day ... You've got this too!
  3. I walk many miles in a week for exercise however due to a heart defect (fixed a few years back) I have never ran. NEVER. Today is the day! I ran the portions needed to complete W1D1. Feels good. I hope that since I do live on a paved bike trail and that I do have a treadmill (for rainy days) my chances are good that I will accomplish my goals of completing the C25K and of running my first 3K! Fingers crossed . . .
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