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  1. I just finished the eight week program. I am going to restart it again and this time incorporate hills. This is an awesome program! I was not able to get to a 10 minute mile but I believe that is ok. I finished a 5k in 44:44. Which is awesome for me! I have also lost 30ld in these last two months.
  2. How is it going? Have you kept with it?
  3. Yay!!! I started running 7 weeks ago! It is a great program! Keep with it!
  4. Each week you will see that you can increase the amount you are running. Just keep with it! Don't give up if it is hard! Just repeat a day! I have lost about twenty-five pounds so far. And I am on the 7th week!
  5. Hey Jessie! Great job on starting this! I am in week 7 now! It is a great program! I don't know what kind of shape you are in. However, I know it can be difficult to go through this sometimes. Just keep with it and concentrate on pace. It will get easier during the week and keep with the program ( run three times a week)!
  6. I had a hard time with today's jog. I took two days off in between day one and two of week seven. It might have been I was under hydrated or it was ten degrees hotter today then normal. What do you think?
  7. Thanks. Tomorrow is my first 25 min. run. I am terrified and excited all in one.
  8. I am so freaked out about this week to come. I run about a 14 and a half minute mile. Is there any secret to get to the 10 minute mile? I am 300 pounds and just want to lose weight. And I just can't seem to be able to move faster.
  9. The people I was running with were way more fit. But they encouraged me when I would slow down a bunch. I think I made it about two miles but not sure. I was not sore! Just getting out of breath near the end. I felt like I could keep walking a bunch after!
  10. I am running today at 4! I believe I am ready! Slow and steady!
  11. I finished w5 day 2 now tomorrow on to wk 5 day 3! I have a few friends running with me tomorrow! I hope that helps!
  12. I am a 305 pound 32 yr old guy! And looking ahead is freaking me out! What are some tips to get past these next few days! Running 20 mins is crazy to me and I definitely can't get two miles in 20 mins!
  13. I am on week 4 as well! It is difficult. However you should try adjusting your pace! I am a 300 pound man and each day I wanted to give up but I push through and I always feel great after it! I hope this helps!
  14. Good job at keeping with it! As you go it will get easier!
  15. I have started this program and I am more then half way through it! I can do this!
  16. Hey I am now on week 4 day 3! I started at 320 pounds and have lost 16 pounds with this program and slight change in my diet. I have given up soda and only drink water! It is tough looking ahead to what is to come. But so far I have reached each goal. I believe I can do this and that anyone else trying to do this can as well!
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