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  1. Shannon, I can only admire your force of will! It should be really tough to be a good mother and to find a time forr yourself... And going after a hard day on a workout is always a victory!


    As for St.Patty run - sounds nice, sadly, here in Moscow we have no running on that day (at least, it is not well-known) :-(


    I have finished w2d2 and w2d3 as well. It was tough to go out at 6am, but I liked workouts, my feeling afterwards and the look of the city that is waking up. At least, today I reassured myself that all the people were looking at me - LOL, I found that they were just passing by on their way to work :-)


    As for arms - I do not feel nothing wrong with them, but I really have neck and shoulder stiffnes that passes half an hour after the run. Thanks for your advice, Azatol, I used to push my hands across the chest, maybe that is the cause...

  2. Hi! Shannon, my congratulations! Right music for right intentions :-)


    As for nausea, I had that thing several times and that is why I don't like running (at least I didn't like it before that time) :-) Some belly excercises right before start helped me a bit to get rid of that nasty feeling...


    I done W2D1 this morning and I agree with you - it was easier than previous runs. Perhaps, it is due to weather - it's much warmer out there


  3. Hi, Shannon!


    What are your further successes? Have you done D2 and D3 workouts? How do you feel these days?


    Actually, I made W1D1 the next day after you. Perhaps, middle of winter is not a best time to start, but if I can push myself through it, I think, I will not give it up in summer... Great to find that I'm not the only one, who try to begin in winter :-)


    I liked workout a lot but noticed 2 things: 1- I need sneakers that will not slide on ice and 2 - it is not so difficult to start, I could follow walk/run programm and yes, I was tired and felt great in the end... But 2-3 hours after workout my batteries were discharged and I felt exhausted all day long. I was expected quite opposite effect of morning run, that is why I interested about feeling on other first days :-)

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