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  1. The fact that you run a mile is fantastic.....I am not there yet myself. I am about 20 pounds overweight but my 57 years has a greater impact. From research and friends who have run for years, speed comes after endurance. You are doing really well, the speed will happen. Just try to speed up in short intervals and gradually increase.
  2. I seemed to be doing well with a daily walk run until I hit wk 4. I found myself having leg fatigue long before I was winded etc. Didn't have leg fatigue before so I took a break to rest. Going back today to see how it goes. I'll keep you posted.
  3. Was ready to start wk 2 today but for whatever reason felt horrible at the gym. So did another day of wk 1, I figured better than nothing. The rest of today I have felt run down, hoping this will pass and I'll be feeling better. I really want to do this.
  4. I'm new just finished day 3 doing pretty well trying to lose about 30 pounds in the process but more than anything trying to get healthy. I am a diabetic and I know from my family the difference between taking care of myself and not taking care of myself. I never liked running I barely like walking but this time I happen to really be enjoying it. I'm training for a 10K and September weather I run the the entire race or not I want to finish the race. I'm so excited about the challenge.
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