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  1. Hey everyone! After taking a (long) break I'm giving running another try. Have completed w1d2 and so far it's going really well! Wanted to start an accountability thread for myself. So far I haven't taken any rest days and have been doing very light body weight strength training in addition. Anyone know if I really need the rest days? Haven't felt like I need it and the run the next day helps get rid of any soreness I had. Also discovered how much I LOVE running at night or when the sun is setting. Helped make things sooo much more enjoyable. W1d3 tonight!
  2. Kittyk8

    Broken toe!!!

    I broke a toe this week and walking is painful enough to scare me off of running. What do I do? Push through? Or take a break until it heals? I don't want to lose any progress-- but I have already taken four days break due to a busy schedule
  3. Ran on a treadmill today at a 3.0 incline the whole time and crushed it. Feeling so much more confident now and going to try the hills again another time
  4. Ouch... I had a rough time this run. I changed locations and there were more hills than I am used to. I'm not feeling super motivated to do it again and don't know how to push through this. I had to skimp on 45 seconds of the fourth run but powered through the last two only to collapse once I got home. Any advice?
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