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  1. I had a Jawbone up 24 and it went unresponsive . I tried to troubleshoot the problem with no luck. I called customer service and they replaced my device free of charge with a model newer because they don't make the 24 anymore. I now have an Up2 and love it. I didn't need a heart rate monitor one because if I were interested in the feature my phone can do that. At $79 retail is a great device. Highly recommend for the ocerall, but company baked their product 100%.
  2. Any advice for a fear of running in front of others? I run on my lunch hour and I prefer to do it alone. When it gets nice out I want to run in my neighborhood but the thought of people watching me makes me want to not do it and I don't want to give up. I'm very heavy at 265 5 ft 4 but have survived wk 1 day 2 so far.
  3. I just finished wk1 day 2. At 265 lbs and completely out of shape I feel so proud of myself!
  4. I began yesterday as well. I didn't think I could finish the second rubbing session. I kept my head up and fight the urge to quit. I finished day 2 today and feel like I can stick to it! You can too!!
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