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  1. thanks again folks tamap19, good luck for your 5k! Well I ended up stopping the C25K for now (I stopped a fortnight ago). I've started doing Freeletics and with C25K there was an overtraining issue. I love Freeletics but don't love C25K, however my Freeletics also includes running and some sprints, so I think I will be on track for my fun run in Feb. It's another three weeks away. At this stage no I don't feel ready for it but will be giving it my best shot.
  2. Today I completed W5D1. Legs felt quite tired and I'm not really looking forward to the twenty minute jog. Not even looking forward to the eight minute jog next workout!
  3. Congratulations! I needed to read this I completed W5D1 this morning and felt like my legs were lead after halfway through the five minute jogging periods. All I could think of was "there's no way I can do the 20 minutes without stopping". I'm even doubting I can do the 8 minutes in two days from now. I'm finding the mental battles during the workouts quite tough (and boy do those walking intervals go fast!) I do laps around my local park and can't believe how looooong each lap seems when you're jogging, but not a problem when walking!
  4. thanks! I think eventually I will chat to a running coach or experienced runner. I also have some little injuries that show up now and then but for now they're okay. Having lost some weight certainly helped! Week 4 Day 3 tomorrow
  5. Hi everyone, I've just finished Week 4 Day 2. I skipped week 3 as I wanted to do something slightly more challenging and Week 3 Day 1 wasn't really pushing me. Also I have signed up for a 4km fun run on Feb 20. I was just browsing these forums and got a shock when I saw people talking about a twenty minute run in week 5. Surely it was a mistake... nope, there it is in my app! At this point I can't fathom how I will be able to do twenty minutes without stopping to walk. I know I know, it's all mental, I may surprise myself etc etc... I guess we'll see but I'm determined to give it my best shot! I'm quite nervous about the 4km run because I do a slow jog which sometimes feels like a fast shuffle. When I'm doing my workouts at the park there are other joggers who are lifting their feet higher off the ground and going faster. I feel like a hippo in comparison. I'm a little overweight (have been losing lots of weight over the past year) and just feel heavy when I run. I'm thinking with my current slow jog/shuffling I'm going to be one of the last in the fun run. There are prizes for the top three finishers and I don't care about that-- however I am very conscious about being one of the last and wonder if my slow jogging at a steady pace will still be too slow. I have no idea about runs, I've never done this before and when I see other joggers at the park with a faster pace and looking like 'proper' joggers, I wonder if I stand a chance in the fun run! For those of you that start off as slow jogges/shufflers, did you find that eventually you were able to pick up your feet more? When I've tried to do that I get fatigued after ten seconds!
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