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  1. Just got through day 2 and it wasn't as bad, definitely appreciative of my foam roller and working out my running muscles. Thankfully it rained her so the sidewalks weren't as slippery here, which was helpful... I can't wait to be able to run again the way I used to! Have you signed up for any races yet? Or waiting til you get closer to being done?
  2. I used to be into running and even completed a few half marathons! I found an amazing site called I Run 4 Michael on Facebook! You can sign up for a buddy on www.whoirun4.com ... There is probably a wait list...it took me 17 weeks to finally get matched, but the wait is worth it...but, you will eventually get signed up with a buddy who can't run for themselves, you get to develop a bond with your buddy and their family! I have had a buddy for over a year now and stopped running when life got too busy....but I decided to take it back up again and I'm doing it for my buddy as well as myself! She is great motivation for me and always enjoys hearing my stories about my runs, even if I didn't get far....on a few of my races, I asked for an extra medal to send to her, so we both would get something that we could remember it by! I can't wait to go through the C25k program and get running races again!!
  3. I get Charlie horses in my calls now...once I get back in shape I'm not going to lose it again!! Half marathons aren't that bad surprisingly. Except I usually get passed by speed walkers halfway through and can't catch them, I might be intolerably slow at running but I used to enjoy it.!! Good luck! Do you have a foam roller? Would that possibly help with the pain?
  4. I just finished w1d2 of the 5k!! Trying to get back in shape to run some half marathons again!! Good luck on the c210k program!! 10ks are my favorite distances!!
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