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  1. Drink tons of water today! I've and then hot temp, elvatate it. Try to stay off it all day today and tomorrow. Because you have been running every day, your body is telling you it needs a day to rest. Trust me, your body will thank you the next time you run. You'll see a big difference in comfort
  2. Yeah I agree Torus_it. Make sure and take each run as they come. Make sure and focus on your breathing when your running. Stretching before and after each run will help your muscles relax. Making it more enjoyable for your next run. I hope your time get more enjoyable, they will trust me.
  3. Grilled chicken breast and boiled eggs are your best friend! They fill you up and keep your hunger away! Just got back from a hot long fast pace walk. Feeling great. My ankles are killing me tho, I gotta figure that out before I book my races.
  4. Awesome a long walk it is! It's supposed to rain here this afternoon, so I better go soon. Lol. Sorry your run was tough, your body will thank you later!
  5. My shoes are Nike, just bought them about two months ago. Sorry your to sore run, trust me try stretching. It's amazing how it can relax your muscles. I know I'm debating today. I'm torn between going for a run or going for a hot long walk with the dog. Thoughts?
  6. Thanks! Yeah I sometimes get over ampishous but I think today I better just sick to the plan lol. I'm a very determined person, do when I get on something I go 150%! Lol.
  7. Well I maybe one up you, i was thinking of doing the same run I did this morning... Again this afternoon. I will play out by ear, but I might also consider tomorrow as well. Today was great, went faster than I expected I would, so that's great. But my right ankle is sure bothering me, strange!
  8. Yeah I drink one cup of coffee in the morning and the rest of the day is cold been tea and water. Stretching is do key, will it is for me anyways! Lol. Especially after the run. Oatmeal is so awesome! I just do the original flavor and its instant. So sorry quick and convenient. And cheap too! When do you run next?
  9. Just got back from run 3! Feeling very good. The only thing that's bugging me is a spot just above my right ankle on the inner side. Weird. Icing it now. I always run in the morning, so I start with some water and black coffee. Then I make some oatmeal. After running I usually jug a big bottle of water and stretch. I'm sorry excited about the progress and of course the weight loss
  10. I'm heading out for last run of week 3. Here's hoping it goes nice and smoothly! Good on you Blayne for skipping week 4 - how is week 5 going do far?
  11. Hi mom070911!! How did your run go today? Was it easier than the one before or a little harder? Tomorrow I will be on wk3 day3! I surprisingly enjoyed this week more than last week! Here's hoping next week is the same lol!
  12. So awesome! Thank you very much Steve! I was only accessing it from a iPad and cell phone. Really appreciate it!
  13. I can't seem to figure out where to access my profile. Please help!
  14. Trisha, March 13 is my birthday! Haha! Did you go for a run yesterday? How was it? I'm doing a 5k on March 15, and a 10k June 5. I think it's going to be a great year of running!
  15. Wow! Back surgery, good for you for jumping back on the horse! The body is truly amazing at how fast it bounces back. I did wk3day1 today and I actually found it much easier than last week's training. Do is exciting it's getting more enjoyable! Just keep going, and play some great music!!
  16. Yeah me too! It's getting much easier, I can't believe it. I was actually just looking up races here in Houston. And I just signed up for a 10k on June 5! I figure that gives me plenty of time to train and get in great shape. The body of truly amazing at how it can transform and become comfortable with running. Just like you I used to run a lot and then stopped. Nice to be getting back into it again!
  17. No I don't have a foam roller. I'm going to have to get one. I'm starting my third week, and surprisingly the pain and discomfort had really gone away this last week which is great! Makes running much more enjoyable. How is your training going?
  18. Thanks for your message! I'm in the same position as you, starting the new year off right. I realized yesterday that I was a Little in over my head with the 10k training, so I decided to go to the 5k program, so I'm now currently on w2d3. I'm feeling much more comfortable starting here. I have been getting some pretty intense pain on the inside of my calf just above my ankle. So just icing it and that seems to help. I really do enjoy running. I have only done 5k and 10k races, not a half marathon, they scare me! Haha
  19. I'm in week two of a 5k. I really want to get back into shape and get running again continuously. Just looking for another runner who is motivated and driven, to feed off each other's energy! Message me! -- Happy Running
  20. I'm on w2day2 -- it will get easier! Just keep going!! Play some great tunes. Remember to breath and relax when running. Don't tense up, just be calm.
  21. I'm in week two of a 10k. I really want to get back into shape and get running again continuously. Just looking for another dinner who is motivated and driven, to feed off each other's energy! Let me know -- Happy Running
  22. Im currently training for a 5k. I do run and have been running for a while. Just really starting to get back into it again. I have been getting some intense pain on my right leg just above the inner ankle bone, is this consider shin splints?
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