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    Knee Pain

    I'm working my way through the 10k program and I am finding that my knees hurt but not when running, it is just when moving around, I'm also finding the psoas is tight & uncomfortable. I'm increasing my yoga at the minute to help stretch me and to relieve some shin splint in the the ankles but wondered if anyone had any tips for the knees & psoas? Thanks
  2. To foam roll or not to foam roll? I've read articles saying to ffoam roll before a run, another said to do it afterwardds and another said not to do it as it can cause more harm than good......HELP! Thanks
  3. I found this great YouTube video with some yoga exercises which have helped, not easy the first time as they hurt quite a bit but it has helped so the 2nd session should be easier! Have a try https://youtu.be/bcS0laA_4mc Hope it helps
  4. I have found since I took up running & especially since I managed the 5K mark that my leg muscles seem uncomfortably tight, I am guessing some of you find this too. I found this yoga video on YouTube & it really helped, even after just the one session which given my muscles were tight was not easy, lol! Check it out https://youtu.be/of2spyCtUkw Hope it helps
  5. I have not been having days off to be honest but I think I should and yoga is my backup exercise so will copy you
  6. Welcome & best wishes. Remember just cos you miss a day or too cos of the kids, weather, can't be bothered don't be put off getting back on it. I got put on hold with sinus infections back in April and waited until after the summer was over and I just did 3 full 5K workouts and it seems like yesterday I thought the 5 minute run would never end and I'd die, lol! Go for it. x
  7. Hi there, Not sure where else to post this. Does anyone suffer from mucus build up the more they run? My nose is like a tap and it distracts me from my rhythm, any help would be good. Cheers
  8. Hi there, not really an injury as such however this seemed the best place to post. I'm at the 5K mark finally but I find the thighs are really tightening when running & so it's making it harder than it should be to do the 5K, also finding the inner calf muscle on my right leg is tight & a bit uncomfortable. I finished my run 5 hours ago and yet still feel tight. I do my warm up & cool down as the app suggested but any other suggestions would be good. Thanks
  9. tarottee

    Knee Pain

    Hi all, finally made it to the 22 minute stage which I am really pleased with, 25 tomorrow!!! In the meantime my knees really ache after today's run, my sports massage person is coming Friday so hope she can sort it out but in the meantime is there anything I can do to help it? Thanks
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