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  1. Hi guys! I had completed one round of this amazing program, when I herniated a disc in my back. Had surgery last spring (micro-discectomy), and feel I am at a point where I need to get back into it. Surgeon asked if I had to run, and I said no. He said then don’t. Problem is, I feel like crap, have gained probably 20 pounds, and want to feel good again, instead of like a slug lol. Did day 1, week 1, today on a nice cushy treadmill. Wish me luck!

  2. Christi, you'll get there! Running was always so hard for me, but the farther along in this app I got, the more I craved it. The gym closed yesterday before I got off work so I couldn't run, and it's driving me crazy! Stay with it, you'll be glad you did.

  3. Jake, first of all, great job! Breezes is right on though, pace is everything. Focus on your breathing, music, anything other than how much time you have left to go. Mileage doesn't matter, endurance does right now. This app is crazy how it works, just trust in it. You'll amaze yourself! Good luck, you can do this!

  4. Way to get it done!! I hit my wall during this program more than once, believe me. In in the 5k phase of it right now, and at 2.5 miles, I wanted just walk, just for a minute. But I know if I do, because I have before, it's just not the same so I push through. It really is 80% mental, at least.

  5. Way to go Ruthie!!! It was really nice here yesterday (in the low 60's) so I was able to thankfully abandon the treadmill and do w8d2 outside. Around our block is exactly 3.3 miles, so I decided to run the whole thing, and I actually did it! I struggled though. 2.5 miles seems to be my wall. I'm going to keep working at it though. Lung capacity is a big problem I think. 20 years of smoking will do that to a person :-/

  6. Good for both of you for taking the hardest step, which is the first one!!! Be proud of yourselves! I've just begun week eight of the program, and one of the biggest things I've learned, is if you're out running, the people that aren't are jealous of you. Wishing they could do it. And if others are running around you, they are paying attention to themselves. Before I began running myself, I would see others doing it and think that's so awesome they have that kind of drive. I was so jealous!! So, just remember if anyone notices you running, it's because they are wishing they could do it too. Stay with this program, it works!! And everyone here is cheering you on!

  7. It's not horrible pain, I'd call it more annoying than anything. According to my ortho, it's actually normal and takes a long time to completely go away and might always be there. It's just an odd feeling because I can feel the silver dollar spot where it tore.

  8. I tore my calf muscle back in February playing basketball. Medium grade year so no surgery, but was on crutches for six weeks. Now when I run starting at around 3/4 of a mile, it starts barking at me. Will this ever go away? Anyone else dealt with this?

  9. I have always hated running. Even in high school and college. Basketball conditioning was torture for me, and if even fake injuries to get out of running. Decided I wanted to try it, thanks to my kid who joined cross country in school. I'm SO GLAD I DID!! I never ever thought I'd succeed at this, but I love it so much I crave running. Stick with the program. Do it every other day. And don't give up. You CAN do this! If I can anyone can, believe me.

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