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  1. Just started this three days ago. Been running walking for about a week prior to finding this so my cardio is getting better. Confused though as from he log it's only three days a week? If I am missing something please let me know but from what I am looking at its 3 days a week until you run the full 5k..... I need to run daily as I'm in it to win it!!!! Thanks for the help
  2. The brooks website has a small thing on finding the best shoe for you. Just bought my first pair and they take away the knee pain I had with Nike as there was next to zero padding. Personal preference is best your body will tell you
  3. Ex mil who has lived the contractor life style too long. Left mil at 180lbs now well over 220. Need to get back in shape so I'm starting this. On day 3 of week 1. I enjoy running just unmotivated because of where I am away from the family.. One day at a time One run at a time
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