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  1. Morgana70

    A real couch potato!

    Thanks! After a 10 days stop (working issues) yesterday I completed week 5 day 1. So far so good.
  2. Morgana70

    A real couch potato!

    Thanks, JustRosey. It's true, having someone sharing the "adventure" with you is really good for motivation.
  3. Morgana70

    A real couch potato!

    Hi, everybody! I'm a real fat couch potato, 45 years old, who is trying to move her a** out. I'm following the 10k program with my best friend and now we are on week 4 day 3. I can't believe I can run 5 minutes long x 2 times without dying. But I did it, so, well, looks like this training is really working. So thank you, ZenLabs! I will keep you posted! Morgana
  4. Morgana70

    Starting week 5

    Or you can try W6D1 and W6D2 before the W5D3. I guess it's easier like this. (I will do it like this, much more "progression" )
  5. Morgana70

    W5D3 nailed first time POW!!!

    (I'm on W4D2, tomorrow I will complete W4)
  6. Morgana70

    W5D3 nailed first time POW!!!

    This totally makes sense: W6D1 is 18 minutes total running, with walking intervals. (why going "back", if you already did the 20 minutes on W5D3?), W6D2 is 10 minutes + 10 minutes with 3 minutes walking interval. it makes much more sense in the order you made it! And I will too, definitely! Thanks for the tip!