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  1. Who makes it? OnePlus is the Brand,if that's what you were asking...
  2. Hi I just installed the app on my new Oneplus 2 cellphone. Unfortunately the app doesn't run at all. The flash screen is visible for a short moment, then the app "disconnects" and switches back to the home screen. You really have to help me out... Please /Peter
  3. I now have the Pro version. I've made the "km" setting. I'm on w6d2, and the app still says jog "1 mile"... Why is that?
  4. Very much inspired from yesterdays 5d3 success, I went out this morning for a run with my even bigger inspiration and wife, Katarina. We aimed for a 5 km path in a nearby forrest. 5 min warmup Running 5 min cooldown And guess what. The total time was 40 minutes (including warmup and cooldown), which gives a running time of 30 minutes. From the dreaded w5d3 20 minutes run I took a huge step to a 30 minutes run. The pace was like 7:25 min/km, but that's not important for now.
  5. Using the 10k app. I had a stroke back in 2007. After that I've gained some weight. I actually used the weight as an excuse NOT to run. "I'll end up injuring me knees..." and stuff like that. This autumn, my wife inspired me to start a slow buildup with this app. And so far I really enjoyed "running". It's no grate pace, but still I move faster then walking. W5d3 was the workout that I thought would be hardest to make. But I did it. So proud of myself.
  6. It's not an option in the free version. Pity... After all, it's far more people in the world using the metrical system. Thanks anyway Kelly Ann
  7. Can't find that option in the free 10k runner...
  8. I also prefer kilometers. Is there a way to change this?
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