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  1. Hey guys, So I was under the weather so was stuck on the 8th week for last 10 days or so. Took a rest yesterday and was feeling pretty fresh today morning. Started the nike app and just kept running. Stopped sometime after 40 mins. 6K done and dusted. 10K training starts tomorrow. I at right now on my lowest weight since last 4 years and this is my highest running distance of all time. Hopefully this continues. Wanna run my first half marathon next Feb. Make pace and keep running... Cheers
  2. Update, I have been running daily now and my run lasts anywhere between 20-30 mins per day. Most I have covered is 4.2Kms but the good news is that the first 4.2 Kms which I covered took me 30 minutes. In my last attempt which I did in the morning was about 22-23 minutes. But I have stopped losing weight. Distance has increased and time has lowered for the maximum distance but my weight has remained constant since last week or so. Diet has also been the same. I need to lose another 10 KGs minimum and I am pretty much overweight. Currently 99Kgs with 5'9" height. I have already planned to start training for 10K but 60 minutes per day running looks pretty excruciating.
  3. So I am running almost daily for about 25 minutes give or take a couple. This would be my fifth day in a row. Will start aiming for 30 minutes. I get a crushing pain on the left side of my stomach after 20 mins of running and thats the time when I stop. Goes away very quickly now. Maybe under a minute or so. But I stop as soon as feel the hard pinch. Don't go through the run with the pain. Also I started this journey to lose weight and I am happy to report that I have lost almost 9Kgs as in 20 pounds in less then 2 months. All my clothes have started fitting and all my currents jeans are lose . I am counting calories and I have any where between 1700-2200 calories per day. I will be cutting down from now on and won't be eating above 1900 calories for the next 10 Kgs. But I am in a fix at the same time. I endurance is building for sure but at the same time I feel I need to eat as my legs hurt really bad if I don't have a 300-500 calorie dinner which has carbs. I try to skip my carbs at night as my work timings don't allow me to have a early dinner. I have my dinner at around 10:00 PM and I am off to bed by 11:30 max. Should I consume more calories or go for 5K or should I consume less calories and keep working on my endurance. I know this might sound stupid to some but its a decision which I need to take.
  4. Hi I am Nishant_Wadhwa . Need some motivation. Add me. Thanks
  5. Ohh almost forgot. Ate like a pig last couple of days. Was on a calorie defict for long and barely had any rest. I think strength with weight loss is just too tough for the body to handle together.
  6. Just keep pushing yourself. Don't be scared of failure. You might fail today but you will nail it tomorrow. Only you can finish it. Nobody else will do it for you. Just keep running.
  7. I have also done the 20 minutes feat twice now and I still can not believe I did it. Yes the app definitely pushes you. And the sense of accomplishment after finishing your runs is something which keeps you motivated. This just gets easier from here. Just keep running.
  8. Week 6 was a struggle. Could not finish any runs weather it be week 6 day 1 or day 2. Tried it many times but just could not finish a single run. Gave myself 2 days of rest and ran 22 mins for 3.5kms today. I feel rest is the key. I had enough energy left to do 2, 20 seconds sprints after that and was not out of breath for long even after that. 2 more weeks to go. Hopefully I would be able to finish it.
  9. Boom and done. Tried this for the third time yesterday evening and it wasn't till minute 18 that I felt this time too I would fail.Just wanted to hear "One minute left..." Loud music pumping in my ears got me through it. Week 6 starts tomorrow.
  10. Hey Guys, I started this Journey about a month back and a couple of days in W4 were tough but I got through. Week 5 was crusing till the 20 minutes issue came up and today I failed for the second time in a row. Tried this day before and it was the shin spilts which got me. Ran for almost 16 minutes and then I gave up(well my legs) and today I gave up before the half way mark. My speed was faster then the last time around(cause the distance covered was more in the same time) but somehow my calfs started burning and I gave up. Did a 400Mr high intensity run after that just to boost my ego but my legs are killing me. I have started to develop a pattern for proper breathing. Though it takes some effort then my natural breathing while running but I believe it works as I don't feel out of breath after my runs. I don't know weather to repeat the whole week or just keep trying for the 20 minutes run every other day. Regards
  11. I just finished Week 4. I started this programme about 15 days back and I failed on the first day of week 4 but made up on the second day. Week 4 was badass and I really enjoyed it. I will be repeating this for the next 2 days just to be comfortable with it.
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