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  1. This is a great tip. I'm so guilty of looking at the I have left which does cause me lose focus on the rhythm of my running.
  2. Hello Trish. Thank you so much for such encouraging words. I truly appreciate it.Camp Gladiator is almost like a boot caMp. You can go online as well as go to youtube and check them out. I really enjoy it to get a full workout as a group.It is very intense and it's a four week process and you will get a full body workout for sure with great qualified instructors.
  3. Hello everyone. I'm new to this and I'm very excited. I actively do Camp Gladiator during the week and I want to build up my endurance and stamina as well as learning how to control and find a rhythm for my breathing as I run. I welcome any and all feedback and guidance in helping me to obtain this goal.
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