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  1. Clare, From someone who grew up on meat and potatos and many veggies, I can say i feel your pain. One thing i know as the more you eat them and cut out the other foods your body will start to crave the veggies. You will develop a taste for them. The hard part is the beginning. My wife and I started doing smooties in the morings. Strawberries, kale, banana, mango along with almond milk. I hated kale in the beginning. Now i eat kale chips like candy when i need a pick me up. I also stated by grilling my veggies like peppers and onions the sweetness of the onions and peppers made it easier to eat. I can say we grill all year round and do kabobs at least once a week even when it is below freezing. It took a while but it can happen.
  2. Moaber, Today i just finished W3D3 and Thurday will be my W4D1. It looks a little intimidating to me as well. I will let you know how it was if you need some motivation just remember why you started running. Your Just like all of us, wanting to be healthier happier, and just know that we will be behind you cheering as you make the progress forwards.
  3. When I started running I had the same problem. a friend of mine who is a repertory therapist told me to try breathing in and out with my pace that I was jogging. So breath in 1,2,3 and out 1,2,3 and that help with the side stiches and breath plus it helps keep me on my steady pace.
  4. Hi all, My name is Mike, I am 33 years old a wife and a daughter. The last few years we have lost a lot of family members because of one thing or another. I notice that most of them did not really take care of themselves. Sat around watching tv and eating horribly. I decided that I did not want to end up being a couch potato, plus my 5 year old daughter is always on the go. I found that I could not even keep up with her. So I decided to do something about it. So I am 6'3" and 240 lbs, well I was when I started running. I am currently on Week 2 day 2 of the program. I have set a goal for myself that I want to get to 210LBs and run a half marathon by the time I am 35. That gives me almost 2 years. Both I believe are do able. I have my first 5k set on October 17th. So now I am on the move. Good luck to you all, remember you are your own worst critic and you have to tell yourself that you can. Then you will. Mike
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