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  1. Skip a day on running, per the program, but walk for the 30 min. instead tomorrow. Can you take asthma medicine first? Definitely take your inhaler with you!
  2. Stick with it! Moving IS step one. I don't know your starting level of physical fitness, but start! You can do anything for a minute. If you cannot walk for 30 min. straight, work up to that, then start C25K. Once on the program, if ever a day seems impossible, really impossible, repeat the prior day's run. Do not quit! Give yourself the day's break between running days, but do use them to walk for 30 min. You'll train your head and body that "this IS what I do now." My last advice is to never work out on a fasting tummy. Eat a banana or something if early in the a.m. You CAN d
  3. It sounds like you've already mapped out a plan for yourself. Did you try this? Maybe run it by your Dr.? Slow is good, I think. You definitely don't want to reinjure your knee.
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